11 Best Winter Proposal Ideas


Looking for holiday season proposal ideas? We’ve been privileged to hear hundreds of wonderful Christmas, New Year and winter engagement stories from our customers over the years! Below we’ve picked the 11 best ones to inspire you.

11 Best Winter Holiday Season Proposals

1. Like Torvill and Dean
The most romantic winter sport ever? Couples ice skating! Drop to one knee while gliding along together. Or hire your local ice rink and surprise her with dinner on the ice.

2. Off piste
Book a ski trip to your favourite resort. Ask the staff to set up a banner on the ski slopes saying “Marry me!” – or pop the question in front of a roaring log fire in your ski lodge.

3. Epic mountain top proposal
If you’re into nature, pack your hiking boots and propose to her atop a snowy mountain. Whether close to home in Scotland, or further afield in Switzerland, it will provide a stunning backdrop for your big moment.

4. Light the way
Work magic on a winter’s evening by creating a shimmering walkway lined with candles or fairy lights – then propose to her at the end of the luminous path. Simple, but very effective!

5. The box of chocolates proposal
Put the ring atop her favourite choccy, inside a luxury confectionery box. Offer her a chocolate casually and wait for the gasps of delight as she spots the ring.

6. Christmas tree
Take her to buy a Christmas tree. Arrange beforehand with the vendor to make a path through the trees – with signs saying “this way” – and ending in front of a decorated tree with a sign that says “Will you marry me?”

7. A cracking Christmas
Build your own Christmas cracker (kits are available online) and place the ring inside. Then watch as she discovers the “prize”.

8. Kissing Santa
When you pop the question with a little help from Santa Claus, you’re sure to get the “Yes” you’re hoping for. Take her to your local grotto and get on one knee while she’s telling Santa what she wants for Christmas.

9. New Year’s Eve midnight proposal
Sometimes simple ideas work the best. A classic way to ask her to marry you is to offer her the ring just as the bells ring out on New Year’s Eve. What a way to start the year!

10. New Year’s resolution proposal
Tell her you want to write down a list of resolutions together. Then write “get married” as your last resolution. A guaranteed happy surprise she definitely won’t expect.

11. Fireworks proposal
If you’re planning to make the ultimate romantic gesture, you cannot beat the magical atmosphere created by fireworks. To make an unforgettable impression, hire a professional pyrotechnic company for customised fireworks that spell our “Marry me” against the starry winter night sky!

Finally, don’t forget to capture the memories…  film your big moment on an engagement ring box with a built-in HD camera!

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11 Best Winter Proposal Ideas

11 Best Winter Proposal Ideas

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