4th of July Jewelry Inspiration


There are only a small handful of holidays in the year that encourage people to dress for celebration — and we’re happy 4th of July is one of them, so we can deck ourselves out in red, white and blue!

We celebrate the day we claimed our nation’s independence in 1776, but also our freedom and our fight for independence today, in 2017.

We celebrate with parades, barbecues, picnics, political ceremonies, and of course, fireworks.

Year after year, scores of Americans dress in their brightest reds, whites and blues and decorate themselves in stars and stripes. This year, pay tribute on the 4th of July with a salute of sparkling jewelry, handcrafted right here in the United States of America.


Stylish Sparklers

4th of July Jewelry Inspiration

Get the Look: EF Collection Star Stud Earrings, EF Collection Lightning Bolt Necklace

These playful pieces evoke feelings of just-after-dusk fireworks and warm starry skies. Dainty EF Star Stud Earrings remind us of the stick-on earrings of our youth (albeit grown up and more sophisticated). Pair them with an on-trend EF Collection Lightning Bolt Necklace, which looks even more dynamite when stacked with other necklaces in a variety of lengths for a chic, carefree look.

Firework Flair

4th of July Jewelry Inspiration

Get the Look: EF Collection Ruby Trio Stud Earrings, EF Collection Diamond Trio Stud Earrings, Ef Collection Blue Sapphire Trio Stud Earrings, 14k Yellow Gold Mini Star Necklace

These on-trend EF Collection accessories are the perfect pop of color for your patriotic outfit. The white diamond, blue sapphire and red ruby jewelry mirror the stars and stripes of the flag and the star necklace adds the perfect homage to the 50 states. Mix and match rubies, sapphires and diamond studs for a look that feels distinctive and bold. This is especially adorable if you have multiple ear piercings!

Nautical Vibes

4th of July Jewelry Inspiration

Get the Look: 14k Yellow Gold Anchor Pendant, 14k White Gold Anchor Pendant, 14k White Gold Anchor Bracelet

From sea to shining sea! If your family’s 4th of July tradition involves boating or watching fireworks near a lake, river or the ocean, this charming necklace is a must-have. The anchor often symbolizes stability and security, making it a great way to salute the stability of our nation. This anchor pendant is the perfect finishing touch to your nautical ensemble.

Red, White, Blue and Beautiful

4th of July Jewelry Inspiration

Get the Look: Classic Diamond Stackable Ring, Classic Ruby Stackable Ring,  Classic Blue Sapphire Stackable Ring 

Fly your style flag with diamond stacking rings in ruby red, blue sapphire, or classic diamond (or all three). Bold red and vibrant blue rings can be mixed and matched for your 4th of July festivities. These patriotic rings are playful, summery and full of sparkle — perfectly matching the brilliant evening fireworks.

Edgy Minimalism

4th of July Jewelry Inspiration

Get the Look: 14k Yellow Gold Star Climber Earrings, 14k White Gold Star Climber Earrings, 14k White Gold Open Disc Necklace

For the minimalist fashionista, show your patriotism in a subtle way with Star Ear Climber Earrings and a delicate Open Disc Necklace. The Open Disc is delicate and balanced, and yet strong enough to be worn every day. Reach for the stars with Star Ear Climbers in yellow gold or white gold.

Trending Talismans

4th of July Jewelry Inspiration

Get the Look: 14k White Gold Mini Evil Eye Pendant, 1k White Gold Mini Evil Eye Studs

The 4th of July is a day to celebrate freedom — freedom to believe what you want, pursue your dreams, express your own unique style — and, of course, to have fun. This year, have some fun with your style and add an on-trend mythical Evil Eye. The Evil Eye symbol is said to protect you and ward off bad vibes, but also reminds us of the Eye of Providence, seen on the back of United States one-dollar bills.

Looking for more red, white, and blue jewelry or patriotic sparklers? Shop our American-made fine jewelry. We hope you have a healthy and fun-filled 4th of July. Stay stylish.

4th of July Jewelry Inspiration

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