6 Best-Selling Diamond Bracelets of 2018


Here it is! Welcome to our 2018 video list featuring our 6 best-selling diamond bracelets. It’s based on our most popular bracelets, regularly updated to reflect best-selling bracelets and top customer reviews over the last twelve months. Will you be inspired to find your favourite one?

1. Vintage Silver Bracelet, £159
This intricate diamond bracelet is utterly beautiful and romantic. It’s handcrafted with sterling silver and 0.10CT diamonds. A dream gift for lovers of vintage style jewellery.

Diamond Silver Bracelet | £159

6 Best-Selling Diamond Bracelets of 2018

2. Diamond Heart Bracelet, £245
It’s easy to say ‘I love you’ with a sparkling diamond heart bracelet like this. In fine sterling silver and sparkling diamonds, it would make a romantic surprise gift for a birthday or Valentine’s.

Diamond Heart Bracelet | £245

6 Best-Selling Diamond Bracelets of 2018

3. Sapphire Diamond Bracelet, £575
This classic bracelet represents elegance and sophistication. It’s made with white gold, premium diamonds and glorious Thai sapphires. Timeless jewellery at its very best.

Sapphire Diamond Bracelet | £575

6 Best-Selling Diamond Bracelets of 2018

4. Diamond Twist Bracelet, £275
It’s no surprise this is one of our best diamond bracelets this year. With a classic design that goes with any outfit, its stunning elegance and sparkle suit any taste.

Diamond Twist Bracelet | £295 

6 Best-Selling Diamond Bracelets of 2018

5. Diamond Tennis Bracelet, £329
No jewellery item is more timeless, beautiful and gives such long-lasting daily wear, as a tennis bracelet. This jewellery classic is our best-selling piece in handcrafted silver.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet | £359

6 Best-Selling Diamond Bracelets of 2018

6. Diamond Bangle, £909
This diamond bangle is exceptional in quality, design and luxury. Meant for a big occasion or as a special gift, it features premium diamonds in a simple yet eye-catching design.

Diamond Bangle | £909

6 Best-Selling Diamond Bracelets of 2018

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6 Best-Selling Diamond Bracelets of 2018

All prices quoted 22nd January 2018 and may vary at any time after this date.

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