7 Signs He’s About to Propose This Autumn


A while back we ran a survey asking our married lady Facebook followers to tell us whether they had suspected anything before their men proposed – and what had given the game away?According to the messages you sent us, these are seven sure giveaways that he’s about to get down on one knee!

1. He’s turned down buying a new TV, car or iPhone
Your old TV is on the blink. You think he’s going to be over the moon when you suggest splashing out on a brand new 50″ ultra high definition box. To your shock, he goes quiet and then says, ‘Let’s wait’! But don’t worry. He’s just saving up to buy you a ring. Did you know that 27% of girls say their boyfriends became noticeably frugal before a proposal?7 Signs He’s About to Propose This Autumn

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2. He meets your dad/sister/best friend behind your back
47% of ladies say that if a man is having secret meetings with your family or friends, it’s a definite clue. He’s either asking your dad for your hand… or he’s trying to figure out what ring you want.

3. He books a romantic getaway
Half the time he forgets his lunch sandwich at home and you’re always having to nag him about stuff he’s meant to be fixing around the house. But suddenly he becomes Mr. Organised and books an unexpected trip, arranging all the details by himself. Suspicious much? Yes, but it’s all good. 17% of girls confirm their now-husbands proposed abroad or during a romantic weekend getaway.

7 Signs He’s About to Propose This Autumn

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4. His Google history gives the game away
67% of men research engagement ring styles and prices online. So when you grab his iPad one evening and ‘engagement ring’ pops up on his Google search, his plans are unveiled! It would have stayed a secret if he’d just remembered to delete his browser history.

5. He’s interested in all things “diamond”
Has he finally got in touch with his feminine side? Nope. He’s only admiring celebrity bling and your friends’ engagement rings, because he’s trying to sound you out on what ring style you’d like. 36% of girls say they noticed their boyfriend “subtly” commenting other people’s rings before a proposal.

7 Signs He’s About to Propose This Autumn

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6. He tells you to get a manicure
17% of men ruined their surprise proposal by suggesting their girlfriends a manicure. While it was a bit obvious and got her really suspicious, at least these boys understood their fianceés would immediately want to post a pic of their ring on Instagram!

7. If he’s down on one knee…
You can’t get much more obvious than that, right? But one woman confessed she thought her boyfriend was just kneeling down to tie his shoelace. Then the waiter turned up and she started chatting to him about the wine list, while her poor boyfriend was on the floor trying to propose.

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