Diamond Rings Go Green: Ethical Engagement Rings


Brad and Angelina, Kim and Kanye, Beyonce and Jay-Z – our A-listers have a real knack for trendsetting. Especially when it comes to engagement rings. It’s hard not to notice the rocks that they’ve got and their carat size, cut, or design. We can’t help but be inspired.

But the latest celebrity engagement ring trend is about far more than just style.

When Amal Alamuddin revealed the $650,000 ring that George Clooney had popped on her finger was ethically sourced, the ethical engagement rings trend grew in strength.

Already a big issue thanks to films like Blood Diamond, diamond mining has long raised ethical issues around the globe. Be it the dangerous working conditions for miners, the extremely low wages, damage to the environment or diamond profits being used by corrupt corporations, the dark side of diamond mining has been an increasing concern for those shopping with a conscience.

Diamond Rings Go Green: Ethical Engagement RingsThe answer is ethical wedding rings. With Amal Alamuddin being a human rights lawyer, and George Clooney no stranger to activism, they’re both used to championing humanitarian causes. Their wedding ring choice has enabled them to put their celebrity status to good use, raising the profile of ethical engagement rings to show the world that it can be done differently.

What are ethical engagement rings?

In the year 2000, South African countries with a legitimate diamond trade began a campaign against conflict diamonds. The result was the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) – an international effort to rid the world of blood diamonds – and while on the whole it has been rather successful, it was just the beginning of the sourcing of ethical diamonds.

Diamond Rings Go Green: Ethical Engagement Rings


In more recent years, Canadian diamonds have come to the forefront as the world’s greenest diamonds.

Mined, cut and distributed under strict supervision of the Canadian Government, not only can all Canadian diamonds be fully traced all the way to their source, but the government ensures that all miners are well paid, mining conditions are safe, and the environment is protected too.

An even better aspect to this new trend is that you don’t need to have George or Amal’s pay packet to get on board.

We specialise in Canadian diamonds and ethical engagement rings for every budget. All of the diamonds you’ll find on our website are deemed conflict-free, making it easy to look good and feel good about the origins of the diamond you’re wearing.

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