Discover Our 6 Best Diamond Bracelets ON VIDEO


UPDATE 20th December: Please note that if you click on an item and it goes through to an empty ‘error’ webpage, this means the item is out of stock. This is due to how busy we get during the Christmas gifting season. We apologise for any inconvenience. We do, however, offer many other beautiful bracelets for you to choose from in our webstore and some of it can still be sent out tomorrow 21st December on our last posting day! ????

Welcome to our video list featuring our 6 best diamond bracelets. It’s based on our most popular and best reviewed bracelets and bangles this year.

1. Vintage Silver Bracelet, £159
This intricate diamond bracelet is utterly beautiful and romantic. It’s handcrafted with sterling silver and 0.10CT diamonds. A dream gift for lovers of vintage style jewellery.

Diamond Silver Bracelet | £159

2. Diamond Heart Bracelet, £245
It’s easy to say ‘I love you’ with a sparkling diamond heart bracelet like this. In fine sterling silver and sparkling diamonds, it would make a romantic surprise gift for a birthday or Valentine’s.

Diamond Heart Bracelet | £245

3. Diamond Twist Bracelet, £275
It’s no surprise this is one of our best diamond bracelets this year. With a classic design that goes with any outfit, its stunning elegance and sparkle suit any taste.

Diamond Twist Bracelet | £275   

4. Diamond Tennis Bracelet, £329
No jewellery item is more timeless, beautiful and gives such long-lasting daily wear, as a tennis bracelet. This jewellery classic is our best-selling piece in handcrafted silver.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet | £329

5. Sapphire Bracelet, £505
Sapphire, one of the Big 3 Gems in the world, makes this gold bracelet outstandingly beautiful. It’s set with hand-picked sapphires and diamonds in UK hallmarked yellow gold.

Sapphire Bracelet | £505

6. Diamond Bangle, £909
This diamond bangle is exceptional in quality, design and luxury. Meant for a big occasion or as a special gift, it features premium diamonds in a simple yet eye-catching design.

Sapphire Diamond Bangle | £909

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Discover Our 6 Best Diamond Bracelets ON VIDEO

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