Garnet – The Fiery Red Gemstone of Passion


What makes the red garnet so gorgeous to look at? Why should you wear it by candlelight? Read on to learn 10 reasons why we love this winter gem.

♥ It’s a natural gemstone. It needs no artificial enhancements to make it more beautiful. Its rich, warm shades create perfect winter jewellery. They compliment this season’s cool beauty.

♥ You can find it in varying colours. But red garnets are the most spectacular to look at. Their hues can vary. You’ll find them in lush shades of titian, russet and mulberry. Each one is unique.

Garnet – The Fiery Red Gemstone of PassionGarnet Stacking Rings – part of a set

♥  The softer the lighting, the more it will sparkle. To enjoy this gem at its best, light a candle. Now see how your garnet’s facets reflect the glow. Garnets are famous for this eye-catching nighttime radiance. The subtler the lighting, the more they’ll enhance your features. Been invited on a romantic date? Garnet earrings are your go-to accessory.Garnet – The Fiery Red Gemstone of Passion

Garnet and Diamond Earrings

♥ Astrologists promise that garnets bring you love. Especially if you were born in January or under the sign of Capricorn. That’s because this gem is January’s birthstone. Its power lies in the blazing red colour and sparkle. It’s a gemstone that evokes passionate feelings. Many people claim it can attract romance into your life.

♥ Before Prince William proposed to Catherine Middleton, she was often seen wearing a pearl and garnet ring. The media speculated that it must have been a meaningful romantic gift from William. The garnet is Duchess Catherine’s birthstone, as she was born on 9th January. The pearl is William’s birthstone, since he was born on 21st June.Garnet – The Fiery Red Gemstone of Passion

Garnet and Pearl Ring

♥ Ancient Chinese lore says that these fiery red precious stones are tigers souls, transformed into gems. This sentiment of power, royalty and grace, which the tiger represents, are evident in all of the garnet’s history. In the past, it’s high value and symbolism meant it could only be worn by emperors and queens.

♥  During the time of the Roman Empire, many believed gaernet could protect travellers. If it glinted and sparkled, it was as a warning of approaching danger. If you believe this, you can wear it as an amulet next time you go on a trip.

Garnet – The Fiery Red Gemstone of Passion

Garnet and Gold Necklace

♥ It’s crystals look similar to the glossy red seeds of a pomegranate. The gem’s name comes from the Latin word granatus, meaning “seeds”.

♥  It is a very affordable and beautiful gem. And it’s found as large crystals. Want to own a showstopping gemstone jewellery piece? This is a great choice, even if you’re shopping at a modest price point.

Garnet – The Fiery Red Gemstone of PassionGarnet 5-Stone Ring

♥  This gem is perfect for marking life’s important occasions. From big celebrations to personal milestones. It’s also the official gem for 2nd and 18th wedding anniversaries. And it’s a meaningful birthday gift for people born in January.

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Garnet – The Fiery Red Gemstone of Passion

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