How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide


What is a luxe bridal look? Well, today we’ve gone all opulent! Inspired by lavish prettiness, we’re going to show you how be a luxe bride.

From designing a colour palette and choosing florals. Finally, to shopping for exclusive pieces and picking the right jewellery.

What does “luxe bridal look” mean?

“Luxury is in each detail”, said Hubert de Givenchy. This is the essence of a luxe bridal look. Luxury weddings are all about design and quality. Plus originality and craftsmanship.

First of all, a luxury item does not necessarily need to be of a big brand. Nor expensive. Most of all, it must be beautifully made and last a long time.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

Luxury can also be a feeling. Even if you aren’t sure why an item looks sumptuous, you’ll subconsciously pick up on its special qualities. Such as exquisite colour and texture, expert stitching and superior design.

Modern Vs. Vintage luxury

Luxe bridal style is not limited to any one type of design or look. It can be classic or whimsical, grand or understated. However, there are two luxe tendencies you should be aware of: vintage and modern.

1. Vintage luxe

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

1930’s style by Sortra  –  Rococo style by Ines DiSanto  –  Art Deco by Carriage House Weddings 

The two most opulent antique eras were Rococo and Art Deco. With Rococo style, “more is more”. This era was all about outrageous extravagance. Think Marie Antoinette style hoop skirts, lavish jewels, and hair curled and twisted into an elaborate updo.

Art Deco, on the other hand, was modern and sleek, embodying the excitement of the jazz age. In the Roaring Twenties, silhouettes were narrow and relaxed with intricate beading, hair styled into a smooth bob or a neck chignon. For 1930-40’s Art Deco, go for finger-curled hair, a long column dress and geometric diamond designs.

Read more about vintage bridal styles here.

2. Modern luxe 

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

Sexy luxe by Lurelly  –  Minimalist luxe by Antonio Riva  –  Romantic luxe by Lihi Hod

With modern luxury, focus on creating your own style with a dress and accessories made by current designers and craftspeople.

You don’t need to buy everything from a luxury brand. To create a unique look, try shopping in boutiques or on Seek out online retailers offering handcrafted pieces, check department stores for one-off sample items, or hire a seamstress to make a custom gown.

Trust your instincts. If an item or an accessory looks innovative and has an exclusive feel, that’s what you should go for.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

Colour palette

Selecting the right colour palette is very important when designing a luxe wedding. Certain colour combinations immediately say “luxury”.

Choose sparingly. Pick 3-5 colours that run throughout your own look, as well as your wedding.

1. One pale main colour (eg. ivory, white, pale rose)
2. One strong main colour (eg. charcoal, royal blue, plum)
3. A metallic tone (eg. gold, silver, rose gold)
4-5. Subtle tone variations on any of the above

See luxe colour palette slideshow for inspiration:

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For jewellery featured in slideshow visit

The dress

You’ll need to pick the dress before you can choose any of the accessories.

A luxury dress can be couture, self-designed, bought from an antique shop or even off the shelf. The secret to achieving a luxe look is to find something unique.

Sumptuous, classic bridal materials include silk, lace, satin, velvet, pearls, crystals. The world is your oyster as far as luxe wedding dress styles go.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

There is no limit to silhouette, cut or colour, as long as your dress shows exceptional luxury craftsmanship. This means the sewing, tailoring and detail must be perfect. Don’t accept anything less.

The veil or headpiece

A veil is not a must when it comes to luxe bridal styling. However, a cathedral veil does add a remarkable look of grandeur, so it is well worth considering.

If you forgo a veil, your next step is to hire a professional hairdresser. A luxe bridal look is polished to the end. So it’s a good idea to pay for some extra time to experiment with different updo’s, downdo’s and headpieces, until you feel your hair is perfect.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

Not all hairstyles match all necklines. try out the hairstyle with your dress on. If that’s not possible, take a photo of your dress to your hairdresser appointment. A professional stylist will be able to advise you on the best look to match with your dress.


For a luxe wedding, jewellery should be authentic. Fine jewellery handcrafted with real diamonds, gems and precious metals is the ideal.

If you do go for costume jewellery, choose high-design. Pick pieces that show unique creativity, high quality or even better, are custom made for you by hand.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

The most luxurious and essential bridal jeweller pieces are made with diamonds – the rarest of all gems.

If you choose essential diamond pieces – diamond stud earrings, tennis bracelets and a solitaire necklace – you’ll be able to wear these for the rest of your life. Diamonds give your jewellery instant heirloom status.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

If you prefer gemstones, the “Big 3” coloured gems are rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

If you’re not keen on bright colours on your wedding day, like bright green semeralds and red rubies, then sapphires are an excellent choice. This highly durable and beautiful gem comes in many colours, including pure blue, pastel blue, pale pink, fuchsia, purple and yellow.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

Other genuine gemstones to choose from are blue-violet shimmering tanzanite, sky blue topaz, purple amethyst and rich burgundy red garnet. Colourful gems are the best and most authentic way to add sumptuous jewel tones to your bridal palette.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that you also have the option of coloured diamonds in gorgeous shades, such as champagne-yellow.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide


Roses are the most popular flower for luxe weddings. They’re expensive, but come in nearly all colours and their scent is stunning. Rose petals are the classic choice for flower girls to sprinkle down the isle.

Peonies, gardenias and hydrangeas are elegant flowers that give an air of opulence. Calla lilies look stunningly sleek if you’re going for a simple, stremlined look.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

Stick to floral colour scheme that’s in accordance with your wedding palette. This will give a cohesive, stylised look to your whole wedding.

A skilled florist will design your chose floral hues to run through your bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and floral arrangements at the venue.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

Last but not least – the other details

There are many other ways to add luxury to your wedding day. For your invites, menus and place names, consider gold accents and beautiful, swirling calligraphy. Create an aristocratic feel with candelabras, gold toned cutlery and professionally designed centrepieces.

Cascading, elaborate foliage and flower arrangements bring a luxurious air to your venue, whether it’s a grand country mansion, a classic Greek beach destination or an outdoor wedding in landscaped gardens.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

Don’t forget about guest dress etiquette. Black tie looks stunningly elegant for evening weddings. If you’re going for a palatial feel, white tie is the most formal and elegant dress code.

Finally, when you’re whisked away for your luxury honeymoon, choose a gilded vintage Chrysler, a stretch limousine or a horse drawn carriage to embark on married life.

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How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

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