How to Get Engagement Ring Hints without Ruining the Surprise



You’ve finally met the one. Sweaty hands, heart fluttering, smile from ear to ear—the one. Your mind has started traveling down a path it hasn’t before. The big day. No, not the wedding, but the day you ask her to be yours. You want it to be nothing short of perfect. The setting, the moment, the ring. The ring! How do you get that right without letting her know what’s coming? Here are a few ideas of how to start traveling down the right path:

Check out her jewelry collection.
Her every day jewelry is the best way to grasp her style. After all, if all goes well, this will be an addition to that every day collection. White gold? Yellow gold? What does she typically wear every day? This could help you check the metal off your list right away.

Does she wear her grandmother’s rings? This may cue you towards a vintage setting. If her taste is more simple and less ornamental, a solitaire ring or plain band may be the best option. Whatever her rings, necklaces and bracelets tell you, that’s the path you’ll want to take in ring shopping. **Don’t forget to borrow a ring to get her size when you begin your shopping.

Ask Pinterest.
Does your lady have a Pinterest page? Studies have shown that most women create wedding inspiration boards and ring boards well before the time of a proposal. This could not only lead you to the style of the ring, but it may even take you directly to the website to make the purchase.

Talk to Mom and best friends.
No one knows her style better than her mom and best friends. And no one would be happier to share their advice than these special ladies. After the bubbling initial excitement, Mom and friends are sure to point you in the direction of a ring that your lucky lady will love. However, just make sure they can keep a secret.

Consider a “placeholder ring”.
If you want to make sure to keep your proposal a surprise from the world, a “placeholder ring” is a great way to create that special moment.  This could be a simple ring or band that serves as something you can propose with, but then is replaced with a ring you can choose together when the time is right. At Ritani, you can create and customize a ring together, then view it in person at one of our 200+ jewelers across the US and Canada. This way, you get the surprise and she gets exactly what she wants.

Additional tips to ensure the secret stays safe:

  • Don’t hide a ring in an obvious place. But definitely make sure it’s a safe place.
  • Be careful about giving away a surprise with jeweler mailings and receipts that are left around the house—dead giveaways that a proposal may be coming.
  • Beware the shared bank account! The number one reason a proposal surprise is unveiled is a large purchase amount on an account you share.
  • Get insurance! Most renters and home insurance policies require additional coverage for engagement rings, so please review our tips here.

If you’re looking to get some ideas on where to start, head to Ritani. We have a great education section to get you started researching the perfect ring for your perfect someone. And good luck!




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