How To Refresh Your Jewelry Style For A New Year


New year, new you? Even if you don’t have a long list of other resolutions to keep, it might be that you’re considering an update to your jewelry look. Here are just some of the ways that you can bring a fresh twist to your style for any occasion.

Try a New Color

You’re likely to have certain colors that you choose to wear, time and time again. While it’s great to know what suits you, there’s nothing wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone. Is there a gemstone hue that you’d love to try, but have told yourself it would clash with your hair color or seems too ‘out there’? Taking a risk with a new directional piece can energize and revitalize your jewelry collection.

Put a Twist on the Classics

If you are the proud owner of a pair of diamond studs, there’s a good chance that you wear them almost daily. A timeless design that’s perfect for both casual and formal occasions, these simple sparklers are an essential for any jewelry collection.

That said, it might be an intriguing twist to choose a pair with a different diamond shape, metal color, or setting style. Consider rose gold for an on-trend radiance, or asscher-cut center stones for a distinctively vintage appeal.

Reset Existing Favorites

Do you have a stunning gemstone necklace that you’d love to wear, but the style isn’t quite you? Look into getting older pieces reset in styles that you’d love to wear over and over. Resetting heirloom or vintage stones breathes new life into them, allowing them to be enjoyed out in the open rather than staying locked away in a jewelry box. You could even work with a designer to create a truly custom piece, exactly the way you want it.

How are you planning to refresh your jewelry look for 2016? Any tips for those of us who feel we may be in a style rut? Let us know in the comments!


How To Refresh Your Jewelry Style For A New Year

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