Natural & Bold: Bridal Jewelry For Beach Weddings


Beach weddings are an increasingly popular choice for summer nuptials. Whether you are planning a tropical destination event or celebrating on a beach close to home, you’ll want to incorporate some of these fine jewelry choices into your beachy bridal look.

Pearl Wedding Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is, naturally, the perfect fit for a bride on the beach. If you want your pearls to truly be from the sea, opt for saltwater varieties such as Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea. Each have their own unique qualities, ranges of color and shapes. For brides with classic tastes, the smooth roundness of Akoya pearl jewelry will delight.

Natural & Bold: Bridal Jewelry For Beach Weddings

The dramatic colors of Tahitian and certain Freshwater varieties will appeal more to those looking for an intriguing twist on timeless styles. Keshi pearls bring a rustic, organic feel that suits more informal, bohemian wedding ceremonies.

Raw Gemstone Wedding Jewelry

A dramatic location may call for daring jewelry choices. Roughly cut gemstones reference the wild character of the ocean, mirroring silhouettes of choppy waves in dazzling hues.

Natural & Bold: Bridal Jewelry For Beach Weddings

Kara Ross’ unique jewelry designs stem from her passion for nature, in all its majestic and untamed beauty. Vibrant, experimental and chic, these pendants and statement earrings allow beach brides to look the part.

Topaz And Sapphire Wedding Jewelry

Accented by the stunning backdrop of a blue ocean, topaz and sapphire gemstones are gorgeous accents in a bridal ensemble. The ‘wear something blue’ bridal tradition is taken care of by selecting a pair of sapphire earrings, or a stylish topaz pendant.

Natural & Bold: Bridal Jewelry For Beach Weddings

These gemstone choices are extra meaningful if they correspond with bride and groom birthstones: mix and match to create a jewelry set that feels emotionally poignant yet utterly chic.

Are you planning a beach wedding this summer? Which pieces of bridal jewelry for beach weddings feel right for your nuptials? Let us know in the comments!

Natural & Bold: Bridal Jewelry For Beach Weddings

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