New Year’s resolutions for your jewelry collection


While in early January it is traditional to make New Year’s resolutions, they aren’t always the most realistic goals. Here are some easy resolutions you can consider, to make your jewelry collection shine brighter than ever.

Clean your fine jewelry regularly

To be specific, you should probably clean your fine jewelry – including engagement rings and wedding bands – around once a month. Using a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush, gently scrub the jewelry around the gemstones to remove dirt. Simple dish soap can be used to clear away any tougher grime. Rinse with water, then dry with a clean cloth.

Put on jewelry at the last minute

When getting ready, whether for a special occasion or everyday look, always remember to put on your jewelry as the finishing touch. When applying perfume, makeup or hand creams, it’s always best to keep your jewelry off until you are ready to leave home. All of those chemicals can build up on the surface of your accessories over time, dulling their brilliance and spreading germs. When you wash your hands, also take the time to remove rings or bracelets that will get splashed.

Branch out with your look

Whether you have your signature style down or are happy to mix and match, it’s also important to try new things. Don’t feel obliged to buy into every trend that comes along, but if you see a jewelry style you really like, allow yourself to experiment.

Saying things like “that won’t suit me” because they’re colors and shapes you don’t typically wear, is just boxing yourself in. Remember that wearing fashionable jewelry is also about having fun and expressing different facets of your personality. Ask an honest friend if you’re truly not sure whether something works with your existing wardrobe.

What are your jewelry New Year’s resolutions? Are there new trends you’re hoping to try, or do you want to focus on your existing precious pieces? Let us know in the comments!

New Year’s resolutions for your jewelry collection

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