Ring Cam Guide – How the Engagement Ring Box Camera Works


Welcome to the Ring Cam Guide. This is where we explain everything about your engagement ring box camera. From free rental and shipping, to using the Ring Cam.


1. What is a Ring Cam?
The Ring Cam is the world’s smallest (and only) camera built into an engagement ring box. Record your proposal and their reaction, then cherish the moment forever!

2. How do I get a Ring Cam?
Ring Cam is a FREE rental*. It’s available through our website.

3. How long can I rent it for?
Standard is 3 weeks, but we can extend your rental period if you need it for longer.

4. How do I order the Ring Cam?
It’s really easy. Go to the Ring Cam page at our web store. Order the ring Cam. Pay a £200 deposit, which is fully returnable. We’ll send you the Ring Cam and instructions. Free delivery and return are included.


*5. How much does the Ring Cam cost to rent?
The 3-week rental is FREE, with a £200 deposit that’s fully returnable, when you allow TheDiamondStore.co.uk the rights to use your footage on our social media and website. Plus we’ll give you a free professional video edit of your footage.

6. How do I send my footage to you?
Simply leave your footage on the Ring Cam when you return it to us, and sign and return the Release Form which you’ll find inside the delivery box.

7. When do I get my deposit back?
As soon as we receive your signed form and your footage (and check the Ring Cam is in the same condition as when we sent it out) we will refund your deposit within 72 working hours.

8. How will you use my footage?
We may post your video on our social media and website. You get full control of whether or not you wish to be mentioned.

9. Oh no! I forgot to return the Ring Cam on time 🙁
If you forget to return the Ring Cam by the agreed date, please contact us as soon possible to not incur late fees. Our Ring Cams are extremely popular and others may have previously booked the one you have. If a Ring Cam is late without previous agreement, we do deduct a late fee of £50 per week from your deposit.


10. Picking a delivery date
Ideally you should order the Ring Cam so it’s delivered to you a few days before the proposal, to become familiar with it.

11. How quickly will it be delivered?
As soon as you rent the Ring Cam through our website, we’ll ship it to you via DPD courier service. It will be delivered within 24 working hours within UK and Northern Ireland.

12. Can I have it delivered later?
Yes. To do that you must add a special note to your order during checkout. On the Shopping Basket Page underneath the basket items, tell us your preferred delivery date in the “Special Instructions” box.

13. Discreet packaging
We’ll send you the Ring Cam in an ordinary courier package that has no mention of a Ring Cam or TheDiamondStore on the outside.

14. I don’t live in the UK. Can I get a Ring Cam?
Unfortunately no. We’re so sorry but our Ring Cams are not available internationally yet.

15. I’m planning to propose abroad. Am I allowed to take it with me?
Absolutely, as long as you return it by the agreed date. If you want to send it back to us from abroad, we cannot cover the postage so you’ll need to pay for an insured and signed-for courier service, such as FedEx or UPS, to get it back to us safely.

16. Free and easy return
Contact us to request the free return courier service by the agreed date. Then wrap the Ring Cam in the original packaging and stick the address label you received by email onto the box. Drop it off at your most convenient PDP courier location and you’re done.


17. Plan your proposal
While the Ring Cam is on its way to you, plan your proposal. This is the one of the most important moments of your life, so take time to think about location and lighting.

18. Practice your shot
Become a pro with the Ring Cam! As soon as you receive it, take a quick practice shot and view it immediately on your computer. Then if you can, practice with a friend or using things around you to get used to the camera angle and positioning.

19. Does it work at night?
Yes and no. The Ring Cam can record in low light, at early sunset and on cloudy  days. However, the Ring Cam does not have night vision nor flash. If you plan on proposing at night, practice first and make sure you have a strong enough light source for getting proper footage.

20. Capture the preparation
You’ve got 3 weeks to use the Ring Cam, so why not capture your proposal preparations too? These are the shots your partner will love to watch afterwards! All the prep and effort you put in makes them feel special.

21. Turn it on (in your pocket) before the proposal
Fiancés never remember the proposal speech, so be sure to capture it too. Turn on the Ring Cam on in your pocket before you get down on one knee, so you know it’s already recording.

22. Capture the afterwards
After the proposal, don’t forget to do a few selfie shots and capture that first engagement kiss!


Ring Cam Guide – How the Engagement Ring Box Camera Works

23. How do I charge the Ring Cam?
Plug your computer or laptop to electricity mains and switch it on. Locate the USB port (4) on the side of the box and plug the Ring Cam into your computer with the provided cable. Press the On-Off button (3) so a steady green LED light appears. When the green light turns off the Ring Cam is fully charged.

24. How long does the battery last?
60 minutes at full charge.

25. How long does the video run?
You can fit 90 minutes (equivalent to 4GB) of footage onto the Ring Cam.

26. How do I watch the videos?
Find the USB port (4) on the side of the box. Plug it into your computer with the provided cable. Locate the device labeled RINGCAM in My Computer or in Finder. From there click through the files until you reach your video files. Double click to play them.

27. Problems when connecting Ring Cam to computer
Certain USB ports cause the Ring Cam to not work properly. Try plugging the Ring Cam into another USB port on your computer and see if it fixes the problem. For the tech savvy, a USB 2.0 is guaranteed to work, newer USB 3.0’s have issues. If you’re experiencing a problem that you cannot solve, contact us by chat or email or call us on +44 (0) 345 084 1200.

28. How do I get the best footage?
Practice beforehand in similar lighting conditions and in the position you’re planning to propose. Then view your test footage on the computer. A good bit of advice is not look into the camera all the time while you’re filming.


Ring Cam Guide – How the Engagement Ring Box Camera Works


29. What is the FREE video editing?
Let our professional film editors turn your proposal video into a masterpiece worth sharing. We’ll trim your footage beautifully to show all the best highlights of your happy memory, so you can show it off to your friends and family.

29. How long does the video editing take?
You’ll receive the edited video within 7 days via DropBox.

30. For editing, can I send you extra footage from other devices?
No problem! You can send us extra footage you took on your smartphone, camera or even a drone. Save your additional videos as .MOV files and then drag them into the RINGCAM device attached to your computer. Return the Ring Cam to us with the signed Release Form.

Ring Cam Guide – How the Engagement Ring Box Camera Works

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