Summer Style Update: Our Fave Almost-Autumn Looks


Jewelry trends are ever-evolving like seasons; one season, the jewelry industry is all about big, bold statement pieces; the next, the focus is on dainty, subtle jewelry. As Labor Day approaches, we’re thinking about summer’s slow transition to fall and the upcoming cold-weather activities; the crunch of leaves under your feet as you walk to Happy Hour (that now begins after dark), Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and if we should buy that Moncler jacket for this winter (we hear it’s going to be a chilly one).

And, of course, because we’re a diamond and jewelry company, we’re thinking about our jewelry too. From the streets of New York to our Instagram feeds, we’re loving modern-minimal design, stacking necklaces, and wearing tons of rings in various shapes and sizes.

We love buying individual pieces that transcend trends and seasonality. We’re not afraid of things going out of style, it’s just about how we mix them; as we know, trends can come and go, but real style is eternal. We want to look effortlessly put together, even when we’re going to the store in our yoga leggings. We want to look glam yet laidback and casual all at the same time.

So, which pieces should we add to our collection this time of year? Here’s what’s got us inspired right now.

Jewelry We’re Loving Right Now (and Forever!)

Art Deco Angles

Summer Style Update: Our Fave Almost-Autumn Looks

We’re loving the architectural details of these interlocking diamond pieces. Even those of us who’re not gallery-hopping art enthusiasts know how to appreciate wearable art when we see it. With almost a quarter carat worth of diamonds and daring design, this geometric set is an attention grabber that’s modern yet classic enough that it looks looks like it could be from any decade.

Get the Look: 14k Yellow Gold Interlocking Diamond Square Pendant, 14k Yellow Gold Interlocking Diamond Square Hoops, 18k Yellow Gold Interlocking Convertible Ring

The Latest in Layering

Summer Style Update: Our Fave Almost-Autumn Looks

Great for layering or when worn alone, these necklaces are perfect for everyday wear and work well beyond your almost-autumn ensemble. Modern shapes offer unexpected alternative to the classic round diamond pendant. The secret to layering necklaces so it actually looks good and not a tangled mess? Start with delicate, shorter necklaces and pair them with slightly chunkier, longer necklaces.

Get the Look: EF Collection Diamond Trio Necklace, EF Collection Diamond and White Topaz Trio Necklace, Curved Diamond Bar Pendant

Luxe, Modern Symbols

Summer Style Update: Our Fave Almost-Autumn Looks

You worked hard this summer–you deserve a treat after all of those long days and early morning gym sessions. We know you balanced work with play, but don’t you deserve a treat that lasts longer than a glass of rosé? We ❤️ this EF Collection set. The chevron shields look like hearts made of pixels, perfectly pavéd with squares of diamonds. Wear them all together, or mix and match with other jewelry for a more eclectic look.

Get the Look: EF Collection Diamond Shield Necklace, EF Collection DIamond Shield Bracelet, EF Collection Diamond Shield Stud Earrings

The Lady of the Rings

Summer Style Update: Our Fave Almost-Autumn Looks

Rings are kind of like friends… you can never have too many, and it’s important that they are in all different shapes and sizes. Adding a stack of rings can make you look like you’re actually styled, and not like you’re perpetually running late. For our jewelry collection, we’re loving trio ruby and trio sapphire rings by EF Collection and a unique dangling sapphire ring that dances as you move. September babies should feel lucky have sapphire as their birthstone, a precious gem of wisdom, loyalty and nobility. This luxurious blue stone is said to focus the mind, encourage self-discipline and channel higher powers… sign us up!

Get the Look: EF Collection Mini Blue Sapphire Trio Stack Ring, EF Collection Mini Ruby Trio Stack Ring, Blue Sapphire Dangle Ring

For even more trending jewelry, our newest collection is sure to have something that speaks to you.


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