Summer’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Buy Right Now


It’s always a good time to revamp your jewelry repertoire, but even better if you’re inspired by fashion trends to recreate your signature look for the season. As the days heat up, we’re given an opportunity to show off our jewelry choices—this season, we’re looking for more distinct pieces and ways to show off our personal style. From dainty studs and necklaces that layer from choker to station, all the way to bracelets and rings that tell a story. We believe in investing in pieces we can wear every day for years to come—and in trends that transcend the seasons. This summer, get inspired by the effortless fun of Korean fashion, eccentric renditions of classic designs, and pastel pieces.

Korean Style Influences

Korean fashion (or k-fashion for short) is having a real moment in western fashion right now. K-fashion breaks the rules—in fact, it ignores rules all together. With their hip, fresh and youthful approach to styling, k-fashion celebrates mismatched style; mixing and matching pieces that don’t usually “go together”—think wearing only one drop earring, or different earrings on both ears, or go for over-the-top by pairing statement necklaces with other statement-making pieces. It’s based on mixing and matching pieces that are not necessarily complementary or even of the same color. Korean fashion says: “have fun with it, and don’t take yourself too seriously.” Own your style. Sounds perfect for summer fashion, right?

How To Wear Korean Fashion Jewelry Trends

Millennial Pink

Summer’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Buy Right Now
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Like all trends, pastel has gone in and out of fashion throughout the years. This year, pastels have a new, in vogue life–have you heard of “millennial pink”? The term “millennial pink” refers not to a single pink, but a set of shades that are neither pastel nor bright, baby nor neon. It’s the almost-but-not-quite pastel pink you’re seeing everywhere—not sugary, saccharine sweet like the “baby pink” of the 90s, but a more modern peachy pink that’s powerfully feminine. Add this pink to your accessories for summer vacations, or go for a monochromatic look and match your entire outfit with the pale hue. These pretty pinks are a fun and young twist on color, and they’re appropriate all year.


Charms & Pendants To Layer

Summer’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Buy Right Now
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Why wear one necklace when you can show off your style with multiple layering pendants? Gone are the days of wearing just one pendant. K-fashion encourages pairing edgy, ornamental statement pieces with a variety of dainty, feminine charms. Pick fun charms that show off your interests or shapes that highlight your decolletage.

Not sure how to style layering pendants? Pile on your favorite necklaces in a variety of shapes, sizes and metals. Start with the daintiest pendant closest to your neck and add necklaces by weight.

Why is the layering pendant trend great for summer? They’re easy to travel with and they offer an easy way to change up your look. When you’re on summer vacation, being able to add and subtract layers can add shine and elegance to your ensemble. If edgy K-fashion isn’t for you, go simple: for daytime, wear one simple pendant; as the day turns to night, add more pieces.


Put A Bow On It

Summer’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Buy Right Now
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Korean fashion has a love affair with all things cute. Similar to the Japanese concept of kawaii, or things that are irresistibly cute with bright colors and doll-like features, we’re loving this trend for summer. Fashion should be fun and make you smile, so try adding something unexpected to your style like bows—like the Mimi So Bow jewelry shown above.


Have Fun With Classics

If Korean fashion and “Kawaii-cute” isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there is still a trend for you. We believe it’s important to bring your own personal style to classic pieces. In this section, we’re focusing on ways to reinvent the classics with your own person style. Think fancy shape diamonds instead of round; edgy, nature-inspired designs; and a new take on stud earrings.


Diamonds In Fancy Shapes

Summer’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Buy Right Now
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Stack up our addictively collectible diamond rings that can be mixed and matched for a chic, effortless look. Stacking rings have been in fashion for years, but right now we’re excited by the next big trend in diamond rings: using edgier diamond shapes like baguette, princess cuts and emerald cuts. While these diamond shapes aren’t new by any means, the addition to eternity rings feels unexpected and modern. These fancy shapes lend eye-catching detail to a classic design that you’re sure to love year after year.


Clean, Nature-Inspired Designs

Summer’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Buy Right Now
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Summer is all about being outside and enjoying what nature has to offer. Show your love for the world around you with whimsical, wearable flora and fauna inspired jewelry. Fine jewelry in organic shapes create movement and transport its wearer into a beautiful world of Mother Nature. These pieces use contemporary lines and refreshing silhouettes to create a modern nature-inspired jewelry with a touch of edginess.


Ear Jackets & Statement Earrings

Summer’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Buy Right Now
Shop The Look: Beaded Gold Earring Jackets, Smooth Domed Stud Earrings

For modern fashionistas, ear jackets and statement earrings are a contemporary alternative to traditional studs. Interchangeable earring jackets can be mixed and matched with different studs for an effortless look that’s perfect to wear as the weather heats up.

Not sure how to style these convertible pieces? For daytime, wear the studs by themselves; when night arrives, add an ear jacket for a new, edgy look. Mix them with pieces you already have–diamond studs would look effortlessly chic when complimented by beaded gold earring jackets.



Whatever you decide to wear this summer, it’s clear that the hottest trends are encouraging you to discover your own personal style—whether it’s kitschy and cute or sophisticated and elegant. For more year ‘round jewelry inspiration, shop our gift guide.

Summer’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Buy Right Now

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