Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


It’s considered the most romantic day of the year and, as such, can be loaded with expectations. If you’re having trouble thinking of what to plan, it might be that you’re stressing unnecessarily. What matters is that you enjoy your time together – and that doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money, going all out, or drawing out a 10 hour itinerary. Here are just a few ideas to get you inspired for your 2016 Valentine’s Day date.


  • We know; you’re tempted to automatically make a restaurant reservation and leave it at that. Unless there’s a specific place you’ve been dying to try, or an old favorite you know you’ll both really enjoy revisiting, try to resist. Places will be packed, you will probably feel rushed, and it can get very expensive. Instead, consider cooking a meal together at home. A big part of the fun can be in the process, whether you’re beginners or natural chefs. If one of you is more experienced, the other can play sous chef – or offer to take care of wine and dessert.


  • What you plan doesn’t need to be considered traditionally romantic, so let yourself off the stereotypical hook and relax. If you’re both huge sports fans, get tickets to the big game. If your favorite band is in town, suggest going even if the genre isn’t too on-theme. Even though Valentine’s Day is something that most of us celebrate, you can do so in a way that’s most meaningful and enjoyable to you as a couple.


  • There isn’t a better time to pamper yourself and your partner. The holiday glow and New Year buzz are fading, spring still seems long away and you’re in need of a mood boost. Plan a spa day at home, or treat them to an indulgence at the local salon. A massage can help you de-stress, improve your posture and just feel better – what could be better for your relationship’s health?


What are you planning this Valentine’s Day? Do you prefer a surprise, or to plan the day as a couple? Let us know in the comments!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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